How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6073 [Quick and Easy Steps]

How to Completely Fix QuickBooks Error 6073 Quick and Easy Steps (Updated 2019 Guide)


How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6073 [Quick and Easy Steps]

QuickBooks is an excellent tool that helps make your accounting and financial tasks easier as software. With many accessories related to accounting and financials, QuickBooks defines difficulties and improves the user experience. It is now used by a lot of people, as it is a very useful financial management platform. In addition, QuickBooks has a large number of small-business market share.


Outstanding accounting software for the betterment of small and medium-sized businesses. But problems may arise for users who use it. The error encountered around QuickBooks is QuickBooks Error 6073.


QuickBooks error code 6073 occurs when the user is trying to open a company file. A message has been given on the screen stating that QuickBooks account software is unable to open the company’s file. The error message also means that the company file can be opened simultaneously by another user.


Symptoms of QuickBooks error 6073


When QuickBooks Error Code 6073 comes to the user, it may be due to one or more reasons


  • Single user mode: The company file is opened on the user’s system in the single-user mode.
  • File Location: The location of your data file is relevant to QuickBooks. The company file has made its home in a read-only network folder.
  • Login error: Company files hosted on Linux servers are using more than one set of logins to gain access to the shared folder.
  • Software issue: Other software applications may interrupt the functionality of QuickBooks. The user will be logging on using remote software, eg, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC.



Resolution to repair QuickBooks error 6073


Several solutions have been provided by us to solve QuickBooks Error 6073. The user can try

to solve QuickBooks Error 6073 one by one.


Solution 1: Download and install QuickBooks File Doctor


The simplest step in solving QuickBooks Error 6073 is to download the QuickBooks File Doctor from the official website of QuickBooks and install it. This will help solve many bugs and problems related to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Doctor can make many errors at once. But if it fails at that time, then, the user can proceed to another solution.


Solution 2: Take-down error-6073. -99001 manually


QuickBooks basically has two modes with which it works. The first is a single-mod and the second is a multi-user mode. Each mode has to deal with its own set of treatments.


If the company file is in single-mode


Steps to resolve QuickBooks error 6073 in single mode:


  • The first step is that the user should turn off the QuickBooks desktop across all computers.
  • The second step is that the user should open the company file on the host computer.
  • Then, the third step is the user can go to the File menu and select the switch to multi-user mode.
  • If there is still an error, the user should reboot all workstations.


If the company file is in multi-user mode


The steps for multi-user mode for QuickBooks error code 6073 are:


  • In the first step, the user should walk towards the computer that is hosting the company file.
  • The second step that a user can follow is to open the folder location where the company file is saved.
  • The third step is to right-click the folder, then go to Properties.
  • Then, go to the Security tab.
  • In the fifth step, the user can select another user who has issues to log in to.
  • Then edit.
  • Check the permission for complete control.
  • Then select apply option, then press OK.


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